About Nobody ELSe

Let me introduce myself: I am Els Franken, 38 years old and the author of this creative blog. In daily life I work as a graphic designer, I love horseback riding, have lived in Tilburg all my life, am a fan of Willem II, go geocachingon the weekends, love smoothies and good food, I can chat for hours, but most importantly, I really enjoy being creative in my work and spare time. This can be anything, for example crocheting, making felt animals, jewelry making, coloring, photography, designing and making cupcakes.

Drawing, crafting, cutting and pasting

Actually I am started very young with drawing, crafting, cutting and pasting. I could really spend hours drawing riding stables, with all the trimmings, hundreds of stables, arenas and several grooming areas. I liked to do this in my notebooks in primary school :P. I also liked to draw horses. Although I wasn't much of a drawing talent. But I did my best ;). After MAVO I decided to follow a creative course. That became Photonics, where I graduated as a photographer. At the Photonics course I had the design subject, I enjoyed this so much that after Photonics I started at the art academy in Tilburg with the Visual Communication course. And so I graduated as a graphic designer.

Nobody ELSE

I started my blog in May 2014. The main reason for starting my blog was because I love to share my enthusiasm in the field of crafting, shaping and photography. I hope my blog will inspire people and as a result they will also enjoy getting started to be creative.

Love Els