Budget tip: Action Creative hand lettering Dutchbook

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  1. jinte says:

    for what age is it 12+???

  2. Fienie says:

    Our daughter will soon be giving a hand-lettering children's party for children aged 10-11 years). As a gift I would like to give them a handlettering book from Action to take home. Which book would you recommend?

  3. Heidi says:

    How nice is that... I'm afraid she won't have them here in Action in Belgium. Whenever I go there, I look for books like that and I'm sorry they just aren't there... They usually don't have other products that I want either...

  4. Lies says:

    I love these books so much! I have already leafed through them myself, but I really want to get started with them soon.

  5. Romy says:

    These books are indeed so nice! I only have part 1 and am very happy with it. A bargain and contains many great ideas!

  6. I have them too and am very happy with them?

  7. Evelien says:

    Nice tip, go buy book 2.

  8. Tania says:

    I would like to have them too, but unfortunately I haven't found them here in Belgium

  9. Kreanimo says:

    Yup and I went to buy the booklets in the Netherlands...?

  10. Melanie says:

    I have them too. For that money I couldn't pass them up. They contain very useful tips. Personally, I like part 2 better. Even though I'm still a beginner.

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