Budget tip: Action My Hobby Card magazine

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  1. Crea_blogs says:

    Can you also review 3D printing books from Action?

    • Els says:

      In the article about gift boxes that I recently posted I used 3D books from action. I also often walk in and see what I like to make. So who knows.

  2. dirk1heidi says:

    These are some nice cards again, girl.

  3. Jenn says:

    How nice, I've never seen them at Action! I know the magazines, but the 5.95 was also a reason for me never to buy them. But for 99 cents I'll see if our Action also has them.

  4. nice price! You also made super beautiful cards with it.

  5. Oh they are very nice, especially the one with the fox <3

  6. jeapiebel says:

    This is really nice, but it's a pity that you have to cut out or cut each shape yourself.

  7. DinjaDONUT says:

    That is indeed a good budget tip... €0.99 is almost nothing for such a magazine, Action often comes up with something new (nice!).
    I really like that 3D map!

  8. Charel says:

    Very nice weather! It's quite possible to do something like that, but I'm still afraid that I won't be able to do it very well haha!

  9. Marieke says:

    How much fun!! As soon as I get back to Action I will take a look at it.

  10. Sammie says:

    They look nice, I especially like the one with the fox!

  11. Yolanda says:

    Those are nice cards! Definitely fun to make and send yourself.

  12. Awesome! I really like that fox. I've seen this before but never bothered to look through it.

  13. I am a big fan of this and have a huge pile of them. In the beginning I used the books as I had to. Now I use them as a guideline. I look at the examples and take out the things I need to give them my own touch. I use the leftover items for other cards. In a while I will be giving useful DIYs on our blog for cards that can be completed quickly with products that many people have at home or that cost little 😀 Greetings Linda

  14. Connie says:

    I bought the books today. Luckily they still had them! Thanks for the tip. They are very nice. A lot of cutting...but I always do that in front of the TV and then make a bunch of cards at once afterwards.
    In any case, your cards look very nice.

  15. Gera says:

    Wat a fun idea! It is also a good reason to send old-fashioned mail again. Because who actually does that anymore?

  16. Morgaine says:

    That looks nice, I still have to go to the big action in Almere Buiten, for yarn, and I will have a look, always handy to have at home. 😉


  17. The one with the fox is my favorite.
    I haven't seen them yet... (but maybe!)

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