Budget tip: Action Sticker Books for adults & inspiration

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  1. Poohbeer says:

    You made nice cards! You really have a nice blog! Tips and use of Actionspullen are so welcome, I have everything about it too. I saw that you also used the paper from a certain set.

    What a pity that I can't get hold of those sticker books here. I've been so many times and they just haven't been here or only one set and it's sold straight away... Nobody knows them... Been trying all month of August. It is said that there are more types of Actions and not everyone has the same range. Now I think, huh, with such products?

    If anyone has bought them in Terneuzen, I would like to hear about it.

    Who has a set of 4 booklets for sale for me?

    Greetings Petra

  2. What nice books, I often buy those things for my agenda.
    You can brighten up your agenda with it.

  3. Charel says:

    They always have super nice things at action!

  4. Yova says:

    Oh, I love sticker sheets. You can decorate and write with it. These are very nice to see. You made some nice cards. It looks very good. Nice weekend.

  5. Lieke says:

    Nice cards els. Emma's birthday is coming up soon 😉

  6. Jenn says:

    Oh how nice, also for cards! I'm going to look them up 🙂

  7. MarjonS says:

    What nice books. Let's take a look at Action this week

  8. Van Landeghem Daisy says:

    I'm going to take a look at the action in Belgium hihi

  9. Myrthe says:

    I'll take a look this afternoon. They really look great. And I still have to go ;), so a good reason to take a look.

  10. Romy says:

    What very nice cards! You used the stickers in a beautiful way. I didn't know these sticker books yet, but the booklet with the black and white banners in particular looks very nice.

  11. I had looked but unfortunately nothing, I don't even have those nice beads that you had the other day. I'm having a hard time hahaha

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