Budget tip: Clear Stamps AliExpress

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  1. Louwina says:

    I heard today that the action stamps are of poor quality because they stamp well in the beginning and later they collapse.
    Someone I was with yesterday stopped sticking recently and you suddenly did again after they had been quiet for a while.
    one has good experience with it and the other does not.
    But when I see stories like that, I think no, I won't buy it.

    • Els says:

      Fortunately, I never had any problems with either Action or AliExpress. I'm very happy with it. What a shame that you didn't have a good experience.

  2. Estrella says:

    I have already ordered several sets. At Action they are also very affordable and regularly have different pictures.

  3. They look very nice! The latter is indeed beautiful. Also buy something from Ali sometimes, it's great to look around.

  4. Morgaine says:

    I read about it more often and there are actually many opponents to buying there, because you support a different economy where we need it so much here, but don't take this too seriously, I have no idea, don't know it, but read about it happens on a regular basis these days.

    it looks good, personally I couldn't wait that long so I would look for it or order it myself, where it will take a day or 2 at most...


  5. Lisette says:

    I never actually buy anything there. But I heard that it is good, but sometimes the waiting time is a little longer.

  6. Yes, I think AliExpress is ideal even though it takes a while to arrive. I do have clear stamps, but I don't use them much. I plan to, just like regular stamps 🙂

  7. jeapiebel says:

    You've scored something nice again. I've never bought anything from Ali Express, but more because there are so many and I'm overwhelmed, I can't make more choices..hahaha.

  8. Marushi says:

    They look very nice!

  9. Charel says:

    Oh very nice! I'll have a look there again soon!

  10. dirk1heidi says:

    How nice they are.

  11. SophietjeS says:

    I especially like the banners to use in a bullet journal! Do you also buy the ink from AliExpress or do you get it somewhere else?

  12. Beauty45plus says:

    Actually not, but these look nice and I'm curious about the quality because there is a clear difference between clearstamps in terms of brand.

  13. Cecilia says:

    I regularly buy on Aliexpress. But I try to stay below 15/20 euros. I bought some nice decorations for Christmas. But I also regularly buy something for my planner (washi, stickers)

  14. I haven't ordered anything from Alie yet because I actually find it a bit scary because I hear all those horror stories with extra costs that add up. But they are very cool 😀

  15. I've never ordered anything from Ali Express, I still find it a bit scary. These stamps look nice, I think they are indeed more useful than a regular stamp.

  16. No, but I really want to take a look there, because I see all kinds of nice purchases passing by in Blogland.

  17. Yolanda says:

    A package arrives here from Ali almost every week, but actually only for the children. I haven't bought anything yet, but it is very tempting with these prices.

  18. Tamara TS says:

    How useful this is! I wasn't familiar with Clear Stamps at all, but it certainly seems easier than a regular stamp. Coincidentally, an Aliexpress shoplog will soon be online for me. 🙂

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