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DIY working with shrink film crafting key rings 5

DIY: Making Keychains with Shrink Film (Free Images)

  Today I'll show you how to make fun keychains with shrink wrap. I also share free images of horses and dinosaurs so you don't have to draw anything yourself. You can also come up with and draw something yourself!

DIY Wax seal kit wax stamps Wax stamps Action 11

DIY #102: Wax seal kit, Wax stamps Action

Have you ever used a wax stamp? A wax stamp is great for sealing an envelope or further decorating a card. Fortunately, Action now has these too! In this article I will tell you everything about the wax stamps and...

DIY cone dolls peg dolls action painting 13

DIY #94: Working with wooden peg dolls

In this article I explain how you can make different figures from wooden cone dolls. Everything I used is from Action. So it is also budget-proof.

DIY Valentine box heart free printable 11

DIY #93: Make a gift box with a heart, free printable

I designed this gift box especially for Valentine's Day, but of course you can also use a box with a heart for other occasions :-). In this article you will find a free printable of the box and I will explain step by step how to...