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Embroidery bear free embroidery pattern and explanation 6

Embroidery #13: Bear, free embroidery pattern

Today I have another article about embroidery on my blog. In this article I will tell you step by step how to make this embroidered bear. You can find the pattern for free in this article and I drew and worked it out myself.

Embroidery deer autumn etsy 7

Embroidery #12: a cute deer

Today I have an embroidery project that fits well with fall. I made a deer. I came across the embroidery pattern on Pinterest and bought it on Etsy. I'll tell you all about it :-).

Embroidery embroidery pattern Llama Alpaca goat 8

Embroidery #8: Llama and goat

If you look around you these days you see more and more llamas and alpacas in stores on products. I completely understand that because those creatures are so cute :-). So I decided to try embroidering a llama....

Embroidery Easter flowers rabbit 13

Embroidery #7: Easter, floral circle with bunny

A few days ago I showed you a crocheted bunny that I made for Easter. Because in addition to being a crochet addict, I am also an embroidery addict these days, I also wanted to embroider something for Easter. On Sew French I saw a free embroidery pattern with which I...

Embroidery elephant graphic pattern 12

Embroidery #6: Graphic Elephant

I will of course continue embroidering in the new year. Today I'm showing you a new creation I made. This time I made an elephant. I love elephants :-).

Embroidery kit xenos embroidery feather 14

Embroidery #5: Feather from Xenos

Today I show you my latest embroidery project. A feather from an embroidery kit from Xenos. I bought this on sale last summer for €0.69. It is a complete package with thread, embroidery hoop, embroidery pattern and fabric. Curious about how I do this...


Embroidery #4: Christmas

And this is already the fourth embroidery article in a short time ;-). Let's just say I'm addicted :-). I find embroidery very relaxing to do. Today I will show you an embroidery that I made especially for...

Embroidery butterfly geometric pattern 14

Embroidery #3: Geometric butterfly

A while ago, AliExpress made me curious about embroidery. I ordered two packages and I made both, a tiger and a kitty. I thought the kitty was the most fun to make, but it was a bit old-fashioned. On Pinterest I searched for...

Embroidery Cat cat embroidery set AliExpress 18

Embroidery #2: Complete embroidery kit cat AliExpress

A few weeks ago I posted an article about the first embroidery kit I made. The embroidery kit with the tiger was unfortunately a bit disappointing, but I really enjoyed the embroidery. Today I share my second experience with embroidery and...

Embroidery Tiger embroidery set AliExpress 24

Embroidery #1: Complete embroidery set Tiger AliExpress

I actually only knew embroidery from the past when my mother often did it. Nowadays I see more and more modern embroidery projects on Pinterest. I was recently looking on AliExpress and saw complete embroidery kits for little money (see earlier