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Photo report holiday Norway Lofoten 17

Photo report #45: Travel report holiday Norway Lofoten

At the end of June my boyfriend and I went on holiday to Norway. We visited the area around Lofoten, a group of islands in the north of Norway. Today I'll tell you about our trip and of course leave a lot of photos...

travel report Norway experiences and photos 28

Photo report #27: Travel report Norway

As some of you may already know, my boyfriend and I went on holiday to Norway this summer. And of course we took our cameras with us :-). In this article our travel experience and of course many photos of Norway.

how to store craft supplies 23

Storing my craft supplies v3.0

I previously posted an article about my craft supplies and how I store them. Now that I was on holiday, it was time to tidy everything up and rearrange it. I just noticed that the...

the imaginary world keri smith 16

Tip! The book: The imaginary world of…

Today a book that I am so excited about that I have to share it with you. The book is called The imaginary world of… and is by Keri Smith. And no, it is not a standard book. Wondering what it is...

Jökulsárlón ice lake, Iceland photos 42

Photo report #17: Jökulsárlón ice lake, Iceland

A few months ago I posted an article about Antelope Canyon and that gave me the idea to also dedicate an article to another super cool location I visited, Jökulsárlón in Iceland. An experience that I...

Cleaning up my craft supplies v2.0 25

Cleaning up my craft supplies v2.0

It finally happened last month. On Wednesday I posted an article with photos from the month of June, showing that I have finally moved and can enjoy a BBQ in the garden. Of course, this also included a different storage method...

Photos from visitors #2 15

Photos from visitors #2

Yippie, another article with photos from visitors! Thank you very much for sending these photos. It really makes me happy. Yes, today an article with 2 photos, very nice photos :-).

Inspiration: ☆ Our Christmas tree of 2013 ☆ 26

Inspiration: ☆ Our Christmas tree of 2013 ☆

I know, Sinterklaas hasn't left the country yet, but I still wanted to show you our Christmas tree with felt figures from last Christmas. Maybe it will give you ideas and inspiration for your Christmas tree this year. Next Saturday there will be...


General: Learned at a young age… done old. And that certainly applies to me. Of course I did a lot of fiddling at school, but I also drew a lot at home and later I took up photography. I think being creative is in my genes, just like...

geocaching 1

Geocaching, a creative adventure

My boyfriend and I have been doing geocaching for about a year now. You might be thinking what is that? Geocaching is a kind of modern treasure hunt, a cache, using a GPS receiver.


Inspiration: Books by Keri Smith

Everyone gets their inspiration from different things, for example travel, people, books, websites and so on. In this category I want to show you what inspires me creatively. Today an article about my favorite creative books by Keri Smith. They're not actually...


General: Combining colors

In my tutorials I often talk about being able to choose the colors according to your wishes. But yes, which combination of colors do you choose? I always find that difficult and often make a choice based on feeling. But also make...

General: My felt stash 1

General: My felt stash

It is of course a little less chic and sexy than how fashion and beaty bloggers present their stash, but hopefully you enjoy seeing my craft stash.


Tutorial: Backstitch

In addition to the blanket stitch, you also use the backstitch when making felt animals. This stitch is not that difficult. You can master the backstitch in just a few simple steps.