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Shoplog BoekenVdeel craft supplies January 2024 review 7

Shoplog: Craft Supplies BoekenVdeel (Jan 2024)

As you may know, I love cheap craft supplies :-). I prefer to buy everything at Action. Unfortunately, the craft supplies at Action have been the same for a while. That's why I decided to shop online at BoekenVdeel again. Not that cheap, but...

Shoplog BoekenVdeel craft supplies May 2023 review 13

Shoplog: BoekenVdeel (May 2023)

Every once in a while I like to shop at a different store for craft supplies. I also like going to HEMA. Now it was BoekenVdeel's turn :-). I shopped for all kinds of craft supplies online and in this article...

Shoplog HEMA craft supplies April 2023 3

Shop log: Hema craft supplies, April 2023

It's time for a shopping log again. This time I bought various craft supplies online at HEMA. After Action, HEMA is also a favorite store to buy craft supplies.

Shoplog Action craft supplies March 2023 review 15

Shoplog: Action Crafts Supplies March 2023

Already the second Action shoplog of this year. The Action has all kinds of nice new craft supplies. In this article I will show what I bought and provide more information on how I will use everything.

Shoplog Action craft supplies January 2023 review 22

Shoplog: Action Knutselspullen January 2023

Time for the first shopping log of 2023. Of course, it was almost inevitable that this shopping log is about craft supplies that I bought at my favorite store, Action. In this article I show everything I bought.

Shoplog HEMA craft supplies Nov 2022 5

Shop log: Hema craft supplies, Nov 2022

As you probably know, Action is my favorite store to buy craft supplies, but because it is also nice to have some other craft supplies, I shopped online at Hema. In this article I will show you what I have...

Shoplog Book Discount craft supplies 2022 20

Shoplog: Book Discount Craft Supplies, lots of discounts!

I was looking for safety eyes for my crochet projects. Unfortunately Boekenvoordeel no longer had these, but I came across a lot of other nice craft supplies. In this article my shopping log of what I bought with a big discount!

Shoplog Action craft supplies April 2022 11

Shoplog: Action Knutselspullen April 2022

The last shopping log from Action on my blog was in November 2021. So time for a new shopping log with only craft supplies from Action! Oh yes, not that I haven't been to the action in between, of course ;-).

Shoplog HEMA craft supplies 2022 12

Shoplog: Craft supplies Hema, Dec 2021 (Webshop)

As you may know, I am a real Action fan, but sometimes I cheat ;-). Because I had to order something in the HEMA webshop, I decided to take a look at the craft supplies. In this shopping log I show you what I...

Shoplog Action craft supplies summer 2019 14

Shoplog: Action Crafts (July 2019)

Today I have another shopping log from Action. Last weekend I bought so much that I thought I could write a shopping log about it :-). If you are curious about what I bought, read on.

Xenos Shoplog craft supplies 10

Shop log & inspiration: New Xenos craft supplies

Today I have a shopping log of various craft supplies from Xenos. You can never have enough craft supplies ;-)…, but I try to only buy things that I use right away. I have already tried most of the craft supplies in this shop log...