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All articles related to crafts. Such as making free labels with Dutch texts, images, cards.

Action diamond painting canvas examples review 4

Diamond painting #26: Action Diamond painting on canvas

You can make this diamond painting directly on a canvas. You can hang it up immediately after making it. How nice is that! In this article I will tell you more about these diamond painting canvases from Action and of course I will show you a canvas that...

Review Action Foam clay set Easter 7

Review: Action Foam clay set Easter

Recently I was looking at the Easter items in the Action and I found several craft sets. I decided to buy the Action Foam clay set for Easter. In this article more information, my experiences, tips and a review.


Crafts #21: Organize & decorate agenda/planner part 17

Time for another look at my planner. Every week in my planner I decorate in a different theme. In this article I tell you what I used (often craft supplies from Action) and give tips. Hopefully I can inspire you...

Review CreaChick Coloring Coloring Book for Adults 5

Coloring for adults #16: CreaChick Coloring Book #2

Because I was so enthusiastic about CreaChick's coloring book, I decided to color even more coloring pages. In this article I show my new colored coloring pages and of course I explain in detail what I used and how I worked.

Action Diamond painting Christmas cards Christmas 2023 9

Diamond Painting #21: Action Christmas Cards 2023

Yes, there are new diamond painting cards at Action. This time in the Christmas theme. As you may know, I love diamond painting cards. In this article I will tell you all about the Christmas card diamond painting sets from Action....