Christmas atmosphere at home - Countdown to Christmas

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  1. Inge says:

    How nice to see how your house is decorated for Christmas. I don't have a fake Christmas tree, but a similar wooden Christmas tree. 🙂 Those bowls are nice too!

  2. Michelle says:

    What beautiful Christmas decorations you have! I'm starting to like those jars with a Christmas scene more and more. Who knows, maybe I'll make something like that for next year, but for now I'm happy with the decoration as it is. Not too much..

  3. You're having such a nice time at home, it's a nice Christmas! 🙂

  4. dirk1heidi says:

    How nice your house looks, girl.
    It's a nice Christmas decoration girl.
    Now let's count down to Christmas?

  5. Sophie says:

    That looks really nice! The different “corners” make it appear very peaceful. Very atmospheric!

  6. Anouk says:

    How wonderfully fun it all is!

  7. You made it fun! I think those shelves above the sofa are smart. This way you can easily change exhibitions without damaging the wall.

  8. Irma says:

    Yay Christmas! And that wooden Christmas tree is beautiful!

  9. daenelia says:

    Very white! That's not my style at all, but you're doing well. Looks super neat, too! Our tree is also up and decorated. Except for the lower branches, because of the grabby Chihuahua.

  10. Sammie says:

    All those Christmas decorations are wonderful! So cozy 🙂

  11. MamaIssues says:

    That looks so nice
    I especially really like those paintings!

  12. jeapiebel says:

    Christmas atmosphere simply makes this dark period better, cozier and more pleasant.

  13. Esmeralda says:

    Pleasant! I really love that bowl with the trees and deer in it and what a beautiful Christmas tree you have!

  14. Nice! I've only been busy making window drawings haha. The Christmas tree will be put up tomorrow. I really like that bowl with snow, trees and deer! I'm going to pin it to my Christmas decorations board on Pinterest.

  15. Laura says:

    What a cozy Christmas atmosphere at your home!

  16. Nesrin says:

    I really like that second bowl with trees and animals! Beautiful Christmas decorations, beautiful, warm and cozy and not so over the top.

  17. Very beautiful pictures. I was secretly looking at your entire interior and I think it's a beautiful style.

  18. M.Th. says:

    Christmas 2016 has already been a success for you, Els. And I agree with Petra: your interior could easily be in a glossy magazine. Happy holidays in advance.

  19. Danella says:

    How cosy! I really like that bowl with the trees and the fake snow.

  20. Denise says:

    How beautiful! Nice Christmas decorations. I really like the wooden tree, I would like one myself.

  21. Angelique says:

    I think all the things you made yourself are so cool! And what a beautiful house you have.

  22. Sanne says:

    I really like that bronze bowl and the bowl with the deer. You have nice things. Really my thing.

  23. Shanna says:

    All very beautiful. I absolutely love that bowl with trees, deer and snow. The rest is also beautifully done.

  24. Maai says:

    Wow, how beautiful, we still have to start. Scheduled for tomorrow. Looking forward to it 🙂

  25. Very beautiful, Els!
    I think it's stylish and it all goes together! Great job! and well done! 😉

  26. You already look very cozy. Unfortunately I'm not there yet.

  27. jansyluvzu says:

    waaauuuwww…those animals and trees too…soooo nice!

  28. Leonie says:

    How very cozy it looks!

  29. Betty Wittens says:

    Els, it looks fantastic. If only I had some of your creativity!?
    Well done!
    Greetings from Vlissingen!
    Gerrit and Betty

  30. Charel says:

    What a beautiful home! Wonderful interior! So cozy!

  31. Petra says:

    Atmospheric photos Els! You can be proud of this in a magazine. All very nice.

  32. Oh this is certainly very nice and atmospheric. We want to do everything about Christmas this weekend, we have been a bit busy lately... It will probably be a lot of fun, the Christmas tree in our (larger) living room 😉

  33. Morgaine says:

    That looks super cool Els! Sleek and yet so atmospheric! I'm still skipping and making do with 1 Christmas piece from my work, and there will probably be a candle piece somewhere or a mini tree on the table 😉


  34. Very atmospheric weather Els. White always does well 🙂 and nice that you participated in this link-up.

  35. You have decorated your house so beautifully and attractively! I especially like the Christmas bowl and the DIY scene in a pot! 🙂

  36. Connie says:

    How atmospheric it all is. Nice idea "countdown to Christmas". Be sure to check out the other blogs.

  37. Ellen says:

    Completely in the Christmas spirit. I had already seen something on Instagram and was wondering where you got the little Christmas trees from. Nice to read that they come from Action. Maybe I'll do something with that next year too. And we also have an artificial tree from Intratuin, great thing. It has been here for 3 years and still looks very good.

  38. zazazoobeauty says:

    How very nice!! And also very stylish. Super beautiful

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