If you have created something through my blog, a comment or something else that you would like to tell me, please send an email to [email protected]. You can also fill in the contact form below. My blog is my hobby besides my job, unfortunately I cannot answer all emails with questions.

IMPORTANT before sending an email:
1. Are you crocheting a free crochet pattern and can't figure it out? Unfortunately I don't teach crochet and I have explained everything as clearly as possible as I will. The free crochet patterns have been crocheted several times and are correct. Unfortunately I can't help with questions about these free patterns, they are extremely popular and I unfortunately don't have time to answer everyone personally if they don't come up with something. I cannot answer all these emails, sorry.

2. With each article on my blog I write where I found the (Free) pattern and tell you where you can buy/find it. There is no point in asking for a pattern by email, of course I cannot forward purchase patterns. I therefore do not answer these emails.

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