Tutorial: Making Easter eggs from felt ★

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  1. junetwonl says:

    ahhh what a cute idea, very nice!

  2. They look super cute! I really can't make anything with felt haha.

  3. Northflix says:

    How very cheerful and cute!
    Although I expected them in the colors of Willem II 🙂

  4. EverythingElze says:

    Nicely done! Perfect timing with that beautiful spring weather last weekend! I had to laugh at your blog name, my name is Elze and I had pretty much the same idea for a blog name as you, nice name to make puns with 😉

  5. robin says:

    very fun and super creative!

  6. Momfever says:

    That one star appeals to me, but I drop out at the 45 minute mark. Although, if you enjoy the process, those 45 minutes don't matter. Then it's nice.

    • Els says:

      45 minutes is indeed not that short, but making felt figures takes time. I also really enjoy making it, and time doesn't matter :-).

  7. Lies says:

    How fun and they look so cheerful too! I also want to quickly start making some nice things for Easter.

  8. Jis says:

    What a nice blog!! Lots of inspiration and these felt Easter eggs are of course very nice for this time of year. Love, Jis

  9. Very nice idea 🙂

  10. kim says:

    What a beautiful result! 🙂

  11. Xaviera says:

    What beautiful and cheerful eggs! You are completely ready for Easter. 🙂

  12. The ones with the bows are my favorite, how cute!

  13. Myriam says:

    How nice they are! Ideal for hanging on the Easter branches.

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