Crochet #27: My first shawl, German Scallop pattern

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  1. Elly Delaule-van Beelen says:

    Turned out beautiful! I have caught this virus myself and am working on my fourth shawl. A tip for printing this diagram. Set your PC to 80%, so the pattern will be completely printed on an A4 sheet and will then be easier to read. Click on the three dots and you will see zoom, click on 80%. Later put back to what you had before. Crochet greetings from Elly

  2. Marloes says:

    Can you tell me how big your scarf has become? Otherwise I like to do it with 3 balls. I like to read it.

  3. Wow, beautiful color combination and made!
    I'll stick to arigurimi for a while and some projects that need to be finished before I start on a lot of fun things again. ;P

  4. M.Th. says:

    If only I could make time for it. There are so many things I want to do; too much actually. I'm jealous that you can do all those nice things so well, Els. But I wish you the best.

  5. Morgaine says:

    Hahahaha, that warping, I think I know why it bothers you, you are already so used to crocheting cuddly toys, which requires you to do it tightly and very finicky, this can and should even be done loosely, so yes.. there tricks as you already mentioned to eliminate that.

    Personally, I prefer to crochet a cover, I don't know why, but also blankets now... that's the sweetest thing... what if I could do that as a job? 😉 Then I would go wild 😀


  6. Geke says:

    Wow, how beautiful it turned out!
    The color combination is also really nice, it suits you well.
    I have never crocheted a shawl because I don't actually wear it, or at least not in the classic way. I really like the way you wear it. So maybe, someday… 🙂

  7. Connie says:

    Neatly crocheted and beautiful colored yarn.

  8. Romy says:

    The shawl looks really beautiful! What a beautiful pattern and I also think the colors are beautiful. Very well done!

  9. Yova says:

    You crocheted this scarf beautifully. Beautiful color combination. Made a good choice. It will fit very comfortably around the neck. Used to do a lot of crocheting. Now I can't anymore. You will have a lot of fun. Creative to make.

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