At the end of 2016 I discovered crocheting. Crocheting is so much fun to do! Suitable for almost everyone and for every budget. You can crochet all kinds of things: scarves, blankets, shawls, clothing, baskets and much more! My personal favorite to crochet are cuddly toys (also called amigurumi). Please note, crocheting is very addictive!

How do you learn to crochet?

Do you also want to learn to crochet? I learned it myself from my colleague in a one on one lesson. I learned the basics and then started learning new stitches myself. This worked very well for me. There are many stitches, but if you know the basic stitches, you can easily learn the other stitches.  
Do you have no one around you who can crochet and you want to learn? You can also find explanations on how to crochet in many crochet books, but YouTube is even easier. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of different stitches, but there are also videos of people crocheting a complete pattern step by step.


Which crochet hooks are suitable for crocheting?

Crochet hooks come in different shapes and sizes. I myself have Clover crochet hooks. These are ergonomic crochet hooks and have a soft contoured handle. I am a huge fan of these crochet hooks. A good crochet hook is important so that the yarn slides easily when making a stitch (not stiff) and you do not get problems with your hands. Of course, what you like and what your budget is varies per person. For example, at Action they also sell crochet hooks and sometimes they also have crochet hooks with a soft handle. The size of the crochet hook depends on the type of yarn and pattern you use. The size of a crochet hook is indicated in mm.

What yarn do you use for crocheting?

The choice of yarn is really enormous! Yarn can be made of different materials, such as cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester and so on. There is also yarn made from recycled material. I prefer to crochet cuddly toys with cotton yarn. The brand I currently like to use is Yarn and Colors, Must-Have (available at various stores). This brand and type of yarn is available in many different colors.
Various budget stores such as Action, Zeeman, Wibra and Boekenvoordeel also sell a lot of nice yarn from different materials. Action Alison & Mae Medium, Wibra Saskia and Zeeman Royal are acrylic yarns and I also like to use them.

What else do you need when crocheting?

What else you need may differ per crochet project. Generally stitch markers and darning needle. Stitch markers are used to mark a stitch. This is often the starting stitch, so you can see exactly where you started crocheting. A darning needle is a needle with a blunt point, which allows you to easily get rid of leftover yarn. You also use a darning needle to attach parts of cuddly toys to each other. When crocheting cuddly toys I also use stuffing, button pins and safety eyes. I'm a huge fan of HEMA's filling.

Crochet patterns

Once you have everything you need to crochet, it's time to look for a nice crochet pattern. And then it comes… there are so many nice crochet patterns. I always find it difficult to choose, there are so many fun things to do.
Free crochet patterns
There are many free crochet patterns available everywhere on the internet. I also enjoy designing crochet patterns. That is why you will also find various free crochet patterns on my blog. Look for my self-designed crochet patterns in the category Free crochet patterns.
Below you will see a small selection of my FREE crochet patterns:
free crochet pattern Kim the cow

Crochet free crochet pattern rabbit hare Easter bunny

Crochet free crochet pattern penguin Christmas tit Christmas clothes
Crochet books & loose crochet patterns
Of course you can also buy crochet books or individual patterns. Many designers have purchase patterns on their website or sell them on Etsy. I don't find individual purchasing patterns very useful. I prefer to buy a book. I like to make crochet patterns from crochet books Pica Pau, MyKrissieDolls and Zoomigurumi. In the category 'crochet' you will find all my crochet crochet projects
Crochet crochet book crochet pattern pica pau
Complete crochet packages
In some stores they also sell complete crochet sets. This contains the crochet pattern, crochet hook, yarn and other supplies. Very handy to take with you on holiday :-).
Crochet crochet package

Have fun crocheting!

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