Diamond painting #1: Minion from AliExpress

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  1. Audrey Hogewerf says:

    How nice to see it so clearly! I ordered 2 sets from Ali for my daughters aged 3 and 5, but I was already thinking about how to approach this, also because I really have to help them with it. Thank you, much clearer this way? Can't wait for it to arrive?

  2. Heidi says:

    That's so nice girl

  3. Jenn says:

    What a nice one! I'm now working on my third one, from Wish, and they are all very different. I have no idea yet what I'm going to do with the result...

  4. What a nice one! I like minions. I still have to start mine from Beauty & the Beast. Very curious to see what I will think of it...

  5. Sheila @ beineffable.com says:

    So I had never heard of this before. I don't see myself doing it at all. Then I'd rather draw or color, so to speak. But I think it is a better result than that of the Action. I can imagine that it has a very soothing effect. Until you have to do one large area in one color. Then it seems dead boring to me again.

  6. Selfie says:

    Hi Els, nice that Diamond Painting. I'm going to try this too.. it also looks a lot like my pixel photo that hangs in our hallway.. I'm curious to see what result Diamond Painting would have if you did it with a personal photo.. greetings, Selfie

    • Els says:

      Hey selfie :-), I think you'll definitely like this too. You can also order a diamond painting with your own photo on AliExpress. Have fun crafting, love Els

  7. Johan Mulder says:

    I have also made several and am now working on a nyntje, but I also have one of a photo of our grandchild and it turned out very beautiful, but I would also like to do it for others and then inlysten is sooo super fun, who knows, maybe I will get some response now. to be able to do that vg mulder

  8. Lies says:

    That looks so nice! I want to try it again myself, because it seems so much fun and something to do. When I first heard of Diamond Painting it reminded me a bit of Ministeck which I did a lot before haha.

  9. Michelle says:

    How fun to see the process! I knew roughly how it worked, but I had never worked with it myself. Nice to see that this package also contains some more details. I always really like that in embroidery and crochet work, for example.

  10. Simone says:

    I don't know how you do it, Els, but you got me wanting to try it too haha!

  11. Leonie says:

    Oh this is cute! I also thought that a lot of white in my image became a bit boring at a certain point, so that is recognizable!
    I have mine hanging in a frame in the toilet. I also want to make a few smaller ones (currently had 40x40) and I would put them in frames. Maybe put it somewhere or give it as a gift, that depends a bit.

  12. Ellen1979 says:

    How nice that you bought one! I've now made two per season. And these get a place in the toilet. 🙂

  13. Diana says:

    I have now made a number of them and they all hang framed in the house. Now that it is "full", I recently started making one for a friend. A photo of her dog. She paid for the package herself, because she really wanted this. She didn't want to do this herself hahaha. So always a nice idea to make this on request. You stay busy and someone else is happy with it, so you are in fact letting someone else pay for your hobby 😉 I often make large sizes, because then it takes you a nice long time.

  14. Angélique says:

    How nice! I was curious about how exactly diamond painting works, now I know 🙂

  15. Romy says:

    How nice that you are so enthusiastic about diamond painting and the end result looks really nice! I think it would be wonderfully relaxing (and indeed addictive) to do this for a few hours with a nice series 🙂

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