DIY #20: making a miniature garden

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  1. Florentine says:

    I like this so much!! Very cute:-)

  2. How cute! Fantasy world at its finest! X

  3. Jenn says:

    What a nice job! I made something like that before, but as a child, so of course it wasn't nearly as beautiful as this one. I immediately start to itch to make something like this again.

  4. Cindy H says:

    what a very nice job. I've seen mini gardens before, but this one is by far the nicest.

  5. This is great fun! I think my kids will really enjoy this too.

  6. jackie1nl says:

    very nicely done, not my thing but nice to see 🙂

  7. Ysanne says:

    Wow that turned out to be so much fun! Quite a project, super cute!

  8. Rebecca says:

    Oh I really enjoy these kind of TOO cute things!
    How wonderfully nice <3

  9. Oh! I absolutely love this! You keep looking at it 🙂

  10. Morgaine says:

    Grandpa and grandma were the most expensive, whahaha what do you want me to type now Els, the older, the better, the more expensive 😛 Look at cheese or wine, whahahaha

    I think this is great, I didn't really know it, but I do know the bottle gardens of the past and so on, they come up with all kinds of things, I have also made bowls for my home at some point, including bead trees in bottles or on a scale, the point is with real plants... as soon as I want to put them together, which should be possible... they die for me 😉

    So I'll come and see you sometime, hahaha


  11. Evelien says:

    This looks so cool, wish I had the patience for this!

  12. Leonie says:

    I had seen the mini garden before, and also seen the stuff in the store, but I thought it was way too expensive. I never thought about Alie selling it too. A much cheaper option of course! I don't really know where I should put one, but the idea is very nice. Also to give money as a gift, I think. So maybe I'll give it a try after all

  13. Daenelia says:

    Very nice 🙂 It looks very sweet. More fun than Madurodam! 😉

  14. I think this would be fun to make...
    What fun you must have had with this...
    I think it turned out really cool..

  15. Connie says:

    The video is indeed very beautiful with the appropriate music??. I enjoyed it.

  16. zosaar says:

    Very nice to see!

  17. dirk1heidi says:

    How nice it is.
    Very beautiful girl

  18. Marushi says:

    I really love this! So nicely done! -X-

  19. Karlien says:

    How very cool!

  20. Wendy says:

    Ooh, how nicely done! I didn't know they had such nice minis at AliExpress. This is definitely on the to-do list

  21. Michelle says:

    What great fun! Very nicely made. I would also like to make something like that, but I already know that the cat wouldn't keep away from it 😛

  22. M.Th. says:

    I really like the YouTube video, with matching music.

  23. Connie says:

    How beautiful this looks and what a job it must have been. And the photos are so beautiful too.

  24. DinjaDONUT says:

    What a super nice garden! And for me, plants never live that long, so I understand why you put them in the pot and all 😉

  25. kim says:

    Oh Els, you made this so much fun again! 🙂

  26. jeapiebel says:

    What good photos you took for a mini version. Very well done with your creativity. I sometimes do a Christmas piece with oasis, but never anything like this. Well done and nice idea.

  27. Sytse says:

    Wow!! So I really like this!!! I'll take a look too. Mine won't be as beautiful as yours, but I'll do my best!

  28. Anita | Mindjoy says:

    What an incredibly cool miniature garden! Crea bea again girl!

  29. Angèlique says:

    Wow, this one is really cool. Well done!

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