DIY #25: Making a tea light holder

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Really fun and it seems quite easy.

  2. Very nicely done – and featured twice at the blog party! That's so cool 😀

  3. Nicole says:

    Secretly I actually want to go to Credoe. Could it also be done with superglue? I think that with a real candle it will indeed melt again...

    • Els says:

      The nice thing about glue from a glue gun is that it remains somewhat flexible. I don't think it's that easy with superglue, it gets very hard. Maybe so, I haven't tried it :-).

  4. Rebecca Denise says:

    Oh wow what a cute idea! A lot cheaper than the holders you sometimes see in stores!

  5. What a nice light that turned out to be! Really beautiful with those light blue beads.

  6. Inge says:

    What a nice weather it is, Els!
    And the Krea-doe. I've been wanting to go there for years, but it's never happened 🙁

  7. Sanne says:

    This is really a DIY for me. I would definitely try this one. I love candles and candle holders. But I would also use a fake candle because you never know. 😉

  8. How nice! When you see the photo it seems very difficult, but it actually sounds quite easy. I'll have to try that sometime! 🙂

  9. dirk1heidi says:

    What a nice job girl.
    Super nice idea to spend the cold days with a nice Easter atmosphere around you

  10. Kirsty says:

    Looks nice! I also think this would be nice to give as a gift.

  11. Nienke says:

    Oh how nice, I made something like that before!

  12. Rowan says:

    What a nice job! Nice and cheerful too!

  13. zazazoobeauty says:

    Wat a fun idea!

  14. I'm really sitting here looking at the photos with my mouth open and I actually didn't know it could be that easy. Very nice tea light holder!

  15. ricardo says:

    Looks really nice, this is a DIY that I would even like to try!
    Especially nice to do something for Christmas!

  16. What a nice idea this is. Simple but fun and creative. I'm going to remember it, maybe make it at work with the kids.

  17. Sytse says:

    Nice!! I'm going to see if this is also fun with natural stones. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. What a nice job and how nice it looks on the table! 🙂

  19. Marion says:

    Very nice. I love candles and tea light holders. I'll go look for those glass stones. Thanks!

  20. Morgaine says:

    And if I like burning candles, the bigger the better, and the thicker of course, with 1 wick 😉 And real ones too, this looks nice, you can also use regular glasses that you put down for decoration...

    Or with smaller beads.


  21. Tamara TS says:

    This is fun! I should be able to do this DIY too. ? Very nice idea.

  22. Connie says:

    Nicely made and fits nicely with the items on the tray.

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