DIY #29: Sinterklaas Surprise

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  1. Rita Lemmens says:

    Very nicely done!! Highly recommended!!

  2. Morgaine says:

    whahahahaha I was just thinking about it Els... Wouldn't it be nice if you also blogged some surprise DIYs next year, not just 1, but a whole series, I think you would make a lot of people happy with this in the future 😉 It is also something that you can of course spread over the entire year in terms of inventing and possibly making for your blog, plus you have enough in storage for yourself to prepare a surprise like that anywhere with just a poem and a gift, 😛


  3. This article comes at just the right time. How beautifully made, and so nice with such an ivy detail.

  4. Nice! I need some inspiration to make a surprise, thank you 😉 My daughter can make her first surprise for school this year.

  5. Yvonney says:

    Wat a fun idea! I haven't made Surprises in a while, I could also make this with my son at the weekend. We have something fun to do again.

  6. Angèlique says:

    Nice! Made something similar once, mine was bright pink!

  7. Miranda says:

    Wow what a great idea!

  8. Charel says:

    Awesome! Not too much is needed either! Nice as a surprise!

  9. dedotties says:

    How nice! And so simple to make, great!

  10. Inge says:

    I always really enjoyed doing it, but I haven't had to do it since grade 8. Nice idea, this will be useful to many people!

  11. M.Th. says:

    Very cool, this surprise.

  12. Jenn says:

    I always enjoyed making surprises! It hasn't been necessary for years now, but secretly I think that's a shame.

  13. Sammie says:

    Oh how cool that is! Luckily I don't have to make any surprises anymore, but otherwise I would have gone for this one 🙂

  14. zazazoobeauty says:

    How nice again. Nice and simple but the result is great

  15. Connie says:

    Really a surprise, this surprise. ?Simple, but very nice.

  16. Yes, I always do it. Despite the fact that I'm not a tinkerer at all.

  17. Tamara TS says:

    Too nice weather! I'm quite impatient and clumsy with crafts, but I always enjoyed making surprises. The last one I can remember is a snowman made of 2 hollow Styrofoam balls into which you normally stick flowers or branches. Knitted the scarf myself at grandma's. ?

  1. November 22, 2016

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