DIY #28: Making your own painting for Christmas

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  1. S.J. says:

    Hello Els

    It is useful to know that you first paint a layer of Gesso on the canvas, available from Action. The paint holds better on this and it is not necessary to paint so many layers of paint.

  2. Mel says:

    Awesome ! I'm just discovering your site, but what great ideas you've put on it! Already looking forward to the next article!
    Since it's summer now, I'm going to try to make a summer canvas! Best with acrylic paint, right? Tips for purchasing this?

  3. Morgaine says:

    This is something that I say, YES, nice, cool, and this can be put in the boxes for reuse next year, hahaha But I haven't put much down for Christmas for years, maybe I'll put a Christmas piece on the table later, but that's It has been due to lack of space for years, donkey or Christmas tree, and the cat of course 😉


  4. daenelia says:

    That's a nice idea, and very simple! I'm working on embroidering a tablecloth for Christmas. It's quite a big project. But quite nice.

  5. Tamara TS says:

    I already saw them on Insta. Very nice. I already have my Christmas village on top of my desk, so I can take Christmas photos.

  6. How nice with that copper paint! Very nice idea.

  7. Anouk says:

    That looks nice, Els! A good idea also for autumn!

  8. What nice paintings! I also think the colors are so beautiful, perfect as a Christmas decoration. 🙂

  9. You always have such great ideas. Very beautiful and atmospheric for Christmas!

  10. M.Th. says:

    NICE !!

  11. Oh yes, I think this is very nice. I regularly have canvases here, especially for the children 😉 I only have finger paint at the moment haha.

  12. Nienke says:

    Nice paintings! Really super nice, looks very nice.

  13. I've noticed that copper paint is often not as opaque!
    They turned out very beautiful!

  14. Charel says:

    Super cute! And not that difficult, which is also a plus for me haha!

  15. Connie says:

    Very nice idea. Nice to create “your own Christmas atmosphere”.

  16. Marion says:

    Ooooh this is nice!!! And I still have two canvases lying around, from those little ones! Let's see what kind of paint I have left. Very nice idea!

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