DIY #37: Make your own gift boxes, Get Well Soon #3

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  1. Geetje says:

    really great fun.

  2. Sheila @ says:

    This is a really nice idea. You often have nice and simple ideas. In any case, I would really enjoy receiving this. A nice gesture if you're a bit snotty.

  3. Wat a fun idea! A small, but oh so personal gift!

  4. Yolanda says:

    What a nice box! Nice to get if you have a cold or flu.

  5. Oui Nathalie says:

    What a super cute idea!
    Very nice to also use hand lettering 🙂
    Love, Nathalie

  6. What a super sweet gift, I think it would be very nice and thoughtful to give.

  7. What a nice box, very nice to receive something like this. So personal?

  8. Inge says:

    Another very nice idea, Els! I think the sick person will soon feel better with such a personal get-well box! 🙂

  9. What wonderful weather! Nice to receive.

  10. M.Th. says:

    A gift like this will instantly cheer you up!

  11. lisetteloves2017 says:

    Very nicely done! I would like to receive a box like that if I am lost.

  12. Lodi says:

    How funny! A small gesture but a big idea!

  13. Romy says:

    What a really nice idea! I think this will make every recipient very happy. Nice to see how you decorated the boxes in different ways.

  14. Chomara says:

    All these DIYs are super fun! Let's see if I'm as creative as you!

  15. Morgaine says:

    This is a very original thing to give if someone is not feeling well 😀



  16. Angélique says:

    How nice, very original! That makes every sick person feel a little bit better.

  17. Marieke says:

    What a great job! Having a cold almost becomes a party?

  18. Connie says:

    What a fantasy again. How nice. I'm definitely going to try making this sometime. Hand lettering comes in handy again!

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