Embroidery #1: Complete embroidery set Tiger AliExpress

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  1. Linda says:

    I also started looking into it and received my package from Alie today, but could it be that your wire was short because I see that you have to split up those wires? So, for example, 1 wire consists of 6 or 5 thin wires

    • Els says:

      Thank you for your sweet comment :-). I had split the wires into 3 x 2 wires. Luckily I only had the green one too short and I was able to make the kitty :-). Have fun embroidering :-)!

  2. Hobbytijd says:

    What a nice embroidery set. I've done it for years too. Wonderfully relaxing.
    Fri. regards,
    Marieke van Zwieten

  3. dirk1heidi says:

    Wow super beautiful…
    I used to make that a lot...

  4. Sheila says:

    But he is very cute!! Annoying when you run out of yarn, so to speak. So I wouldn't just have that at home.

  5. Inge says:

    Ooooh this has been a long time! When I failed primary school I still did embroidery sometimes, but that was a while ago. 🙂 Too bad it was disappointing and also a shame that it was pre-printed... with a clear pattern, anyone can embroider! 🙂

  6. You're absolutely right, what should you do with such a number in the corner? I don't think it is that beautiful and refined either. I once bought marjolein bastin at Pipoos for my mother and it is really nice.

  7. Yolanda says:

    Too bad the package was disappointing. But I think it might be useful for children if it is pre-printed. The black number in the corner is very disturbing.

  8. Michelle says:

    Nice to try out, but I'm often not a fan of these types of packages.
    But those small prices are nice to try. I'm curious which embroidery kit/pattern you will make next 🙂

    • Els says:

      Yes, this was fun to try, but for now I really want something different. I will first make Ali's second package, but after that I have already seen nicer patterns on Pinterest?.

  9. How nice is this. I didn't know you could order this from Uncle Ali!

  10. Myriam says:

    I do enjoy embroidery. I still have a few embroidery kits lying around, but I haven't started on them yet. It certainly seems ready in 1 2 3, but nothing could be further from the truth. 🙂
    It is indeed relaxing, I do embroidery on cards occasionally.

  11. Thea says:

    I also wanted to order from AlIExpress, but I think I will opt for the more expensive package and then buy the embroidery line locally and the yarn too. I still have a very sweet pattern from when the children were little. And maybe even in my old Ariadnes. And yes, I also notice that embroidery (in addition to names, knitting and crocheting) is very addictive. But also very soothing ☺

  12. What a cutie! I'm not into embroidery at all. I suffered a lot of trauma from a very nasty teacher when I was at school. Plus I just don't have the patience for it, but I always think the creations are super beautiful <3

    • Els says:

      Patience is indeed important. But what a shame about that nasty teacher! For example, I have come to hate printing photos in the darkroom myself.

  13. Romy says:

    The result is very nice! It's a shame indeed about that number in the corner and it's a shame that you don't have enough yarn in the package. I haven't done embroidery for a long time, but I think it is a wonderfully relaxing activity.

  14. Morgaine says:

    whahaha once you get your hands on it and have really picked out a nice good package, yes 😉 it does cost a bit, Alie Express is junk if I may say so, the prices are accordingly. Lanarte, and also Ancher for that matter, will last a lifetime, inheritance is simply possible 😉

    • Els says:

      I'm going to look. I'm also going to make the other package from Ali Express and I secretly asked a colleague in America to buy DMC for a pattern I saw :-). I heard it is much cheaper in America.

  15. Morgaine says:

    hahahaha yes, what do I think of embroidery, it is just as addictive as crocheting, I have made so many, I once started with pre-printed ones as a child, also from Scheepjes I believe, with Pluto pillow, but it was completely full so there was nothing left of it what was underneath 😉

    and later counting patterns, my first counting pattern was the birth tile for my daughter to come, then I finished a few packages for my mother and later, Snow White very large for my daughter, it is still here 😉

    But also Tut anc amon and now there is another Nefirtiti, so Egyptian, but I also have geishas in four seasons, but from the Netherlands and they are pricey, but in terms of yarn I always have so much left over that I know I can make them a second time. 😀

    Why don't I embroider anymore? Because my hands can no longer do that, after a while my fingers cramp... that's why I unfortunately stopped.

    My absolute brand? Lanarte : https://www.borduurpakkettenwinkel.nl/borduurpakket-merken/lanarte.html

    • Els says:

      Okay…. So is there a chance for me to have yet another addictive hobby? Nice that you also love embroidery :-). I'll take a look at your link :-).

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