Embroidery #5: Feather from Xenos

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  1. Ris Aloserij says:

    I also bought the package, but the embroidery pattern is missing, so I can borrow it from them

  2. Morgaine says:

    This one is beautiful, a little one in my eyes, hahaha and yes I have embroidered a lot, including a large one of Snow White dancing with the seven dwarfs, Marjolein Bastin, the birdbath, and so much more, forever friends, and uhhhhh the Egyptian king, that famous , don't even think about it. Geishas, there is even one new, that is the four seasons, one is still missing, but it no longer works.


  3. Yova says:

    Oh how nice that you embroider. I used to do a lot too. You have beautiful colors there. Xenos is certainly not expensive.

  4. Angelique says:

    Super nice result! And a nice price

  5. Manon says:

    What a nice package! I also really like the colors.
    I'm still (for 2 years now) embroidering a world map... I just haven't done it in a long time. Let's start again soon!

  6. Charel says:

    Oh that's nice! This is also great to give someone as a gift

  7. Jenn says:

    That one is nice! It's been a long time since I embroidered.

  8. DinjaDONUT says:

    That is certainly not expensive! And what a nice project 🙂
    I haven't embroidered in a long time, but I would like to try it again. Was it an easy package?

    • Els says:

      Yes, it was certainly very easy. I only bought this on clearance, so I think they unfortunately don't have it anymore :-(.

  9. Bente says:

    What a bargain! And it turned out nice!

    I wouldn't buy such a package myself, purely because I don't have the patience for embroidery 😉

  10. Simone says:

    Looks very nice! Nice result too. Although I wouldn't buy it myself, because this isn't really my thing.

  11. Christien says:

    Looks nice and for that money...! Perhaps a tip: I always determine the center of the fabric (fold it and possibly pull a thin thread through it) and the center of the pattern (often there are arrows on the side) then your embroidery is always in the middle.
    Good luck again and I enjoy all your work, nice

  12. Romy says:

    What a beautiful result with beautiful colors! A really nice embroidery kit, especially for the money! 🙂

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