Examples of jewelery box tutorial

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  1. How nice they are! Something like that is nice for everyone to receive. All those cheerful colors 😀 I'm going to share it 😀

  2. dirk1heidi says:

    That's super fun. It's always fun to make for Christmas giving.

  3. Simone says:

    They look super nice!

  4. Myriam says:

    What a lot of fun. The boxes look very beautiful and colorful, a gift in itself to receive.

  5. M.Th. says:

    Not only beautiful, cheerful colors, but the boxes look perfect!

  6. Anja says:

    What nice gift boxes

  7. TypischKim says:

    What cute boxes!

  8. marjonS says:

    Beautifully made. Real girls boxes.

  9. Sophie says:

    Very nicely made! Nice to wrap a gift in!

  10. Beautifully made! My daughter would love to receive something like this

  11. Morgaine says:

    This is great fun and instead of getting them I would happily give them away, and I see, instead of felt, with crocheted flowers and butterflies, hahaha yes, I'm still in the flow 😉


  12. Romy says:

    Wow, what really nice boxes! That must be a real treat to receive as a gift. They look so nice and cheerful. I've never really made things out of felt before, but you've given me the idea to give it a try 🙂

  13. Connie says:

    Beautifully made! The box is a gift, which can also be used to store all kinds of things.

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