Kunstselen: The imaginary world of…

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  1. Angelique says:

    What a great book this is!

  2. daenelia says:

    Wow, this is very close to real world creation, as we do for Dungeons & Dragons, for example. Nice dude!
    At the moment we have created a piece where our characters start in a jungle, near an ocean. There is a group of dangerous monsters in the jungle that we must fight. Maybe there is even treasure somewhere, but we don't know yet.

  3. Judith says:

    How nice! I didn't know that existed... you learn something new every time by surfing the internet :o). I'll look into it and see if I like doing it too!

  4. this is just great….
    I think it would be wonderful to develop my dream world into a book...

  5. Oh really well done. This is a book close to my heart, but… I still have many pages to go in Wreck this journal. 🙂

  6. femininonl says:

    How fun and creative! I think it would be a lot of fun to do.

  7. melikebeauty says:

    What a nice book, it seems very inspiring for your creativity.

  8. DinjaDONUT says:

    That looks really nice! I still have the book Mess (and some others) but I have no inspiration to use it at all 🙁

  9. dirk1heidi says:

    What a nice book it is.

  10. M.Th. says:

    Nice, Els, the different techniques you use.

  11. I think you've worked it out really beautifully. I always shut down when confronted with such assignments...

  12. karlien says:

    What cool drawings! I don't have an activity book, but it is really something for me.

  13. I think this is really cool, especially because I am absolutely not creative. The book will help you step by step. Very cool, I will remember this.

  14. Morgaine says:

    Super cool, in fact you are working out The Secret in this book in a very creative way, I am curious whether, for example, your dream house will ever come true 😉


  15. Connie says:

    Nice books by Keri Smith. And what an imagination you have. Nice!

  16. jeapiebel says:

    It's fun to think about what your own fantasy world looks like. As a child I did that every night before I went to sleep because I have a hard time sleeping. As I grow up, I don't do that anymore... I start worrying about something else... hihi It is certainly a nice assignment book. I don't have an activity book...unfortunately, that's a shame... I only have an activity blog. 😉

  17. Liz says:

    Really great fun 🙂 I have also completed a number of books in the past! That takes a lot of hours haha

  18. How much fun! I love these types of books!

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