Examples of tutorial Felt fish in an aquarium

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  1. Sammie says:

    Oh how cute they are! Nice to give as a gift but also nice for the garden because they are waterproof! 🙂

  2. Lena says:

    Good morning! Thank you for this post! :)…very nice to read and very interesting to try :D;)…Maybe at the weekend;) Have a nice sunny day and best wishes from lana suedtirol ! yours, lena 😉 <3

  3. Yes really! I think it's super fun!

  4. dirk1heidi says:

    How beautiful it is…

  5. Florentine says:

    I think this is really cute! Nicely done. Also cool to make as a gift for someone :-)

  6. M.Th. says:

    I can easily see them in a children's room; what a nice idea.

  7. Angélique says:

    Oh, they are so cute! Nice and cheerful and easy to maintain 🙂

  8. Charel says:

    Super cute again! Nice for a treat or something like that!

  9. Nesrin says:

    Ahh very sweet again! You made this a lot of fun.

  10. Morgaine says:

    I've seen them before, it's very nice. I've also seen them crocheted, hahaha


  11. Romy says:

    Wow, they turned out so nice! A really nice gift idea too!

  12. Anja says:

    How nice they have become again

  13. Oh what a nice idea this is again?

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