Review: Kruidvat hand lettering & doodling

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  1. Michelle says:

    It's great that stores like Kruidvat are also responding to this! This makes it affordable and easier to access for everyone.

  2. Heidi says:

    I also have the two books and love them so much...

  3. Kreanimo says:

    How nice. I wonder if they are also in Belgium, because that sometimes makes a difference...

  4. Oh what nice books! You also made some very nice things
    I think I'll pay a visit to the Kruidvat soon too 🙂

  5. Janine says:

    Super cool drawings! I also have the book and it is so nice!! I'm not that good yet... (;

  6. Lodi says:

    I saw them at Linda (lifestylemommys) and immediately bought them. Also included are the gel pens. Awesome!

  7. Simone says:

    Looks super nice! Not for me I guess. Because I'm just not that good at drawing haha..

  8. Anjola says:

    I also saw the booklets yesterday and immediately bought them. I think the cover alone is super cute and beautiful. I will also review them on my site. You really made me curious

    Love Anjola

  9. Morgaine says:

    Very nice for inspiration, I already did doodling before all this came out years ago, and a little more difficult too, make 9 boxes on a page, quite a small book, normal notebook size, and draw what you see and experience live... in a few minutes, I still have them, and it is also a kind of diary, because you write down the dates 😉


  10. I also have these books and they are really nice 😀

  11. Yolanda says:

    What nice books! And I think your drawings are very beautiful, I couldn't do that.

  12. Manon says:

    Super fun stuff! I'm going to stop by Kruidvat this afternoon. I especially like the doodle workbook.

  13. Romy says:

    What really nice books! And you have created beautiful drawings and calligraphy works. And do you just draw those houses and animals freehand? Wow! I'm jealous, you know! 🙂

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