Make your own cards #3: Christmas cards

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  1. Mila says:

    What fun, creative cards! Cute!

  2. DinjaDONUT says:

    Ohh what nice cards! I can never resist buying cute cards while I still have craft supplies lying around to make my own Christmas cards :')

  3. Super cute cards! I often make cards with the kids at work, which is so much fun! Still something fun to do, sending and receiving real cards. So I do this regularly...

  4. Nesrin says:

    Very nice Els. I think it would be very nice to receive a self-made card like this. I feel ashamed because I haven't sent Christmas cards for years.

  5. Very original! Good looking!

  6. Nynke says:

    I also really like your cards! Would you like to tell us where you got the cardboard for the felt cards? I haven't been able to find it here yet...

  7. Those last cards are very nice!!
    Last year I also made cards myself. Very nice, but what you took a lot of time.

  8. twinkelbella says:

    Super fun, last year I also made cards with Washi tape with Senna. Super fun 🙂

  9. Lizzy says:

    So much fun! I find it so much more fun to receive homemade Christmas cards than standard ones from a package! You made them really beautiful! I really should just start crafting haha!

  10. Very nice cards. But there is already a lot of blogging about Christmas. I don't have any problem with gingerbread in August, but Christmas in October is something I don't mind swallowing.

  11. Ysanne says:

    Very nice idea, I especially like the last one! With washi tape is also really original 🙂

  12. Michelle says:

    How nice they turned out! When I see this, I immediately start to get the itch to get my card making supplies out of storage again. It's just always so much work, especially when you embroider the cards.

  13. Morgaine says:

    Very nice, my mother once started making Christmas cards in August because she was going to embroider them, hahahaha it takes even more time 😉 And they are also working on it at my work, very normal actually, even in the clothing industry you have In the summer you often already have the new winter collection in your hands if you work in a warehouse or ID 😉

    Sorry for typos Picasso is in the way, hahaha

    In any case, they are really nice, and no, I'm not going to make them, I can't even send them, way too expensive 😉


  14. Anita | Mindjoy says:

    Very nice cards! I said that I want to make them myself this year, so I'll have to start doing it soon 😉

  15. Connie says:

    I have also started making Christmas cards again. Yours are very beautiful and you have been so creative. Mine are completely different...

  16. Sammie says:

    Oh those last ones are nice! I haven't made my own cards in sooo long, but I still have a mountain of homemade cards that I need to send again 🙂

  17. writingmonique says:

    So beautiful; really fun! I especially like that Christmas tree; I will definitely try that myself!

  18. debby says:

    Coincidentally, I also had an article about Christmas yesterday, so it's possible 🙂 Those cards are very nice, so I will remember them and personally bring them to the person the card is intended for when I make them.

    • Els says:

      Haha, you have to prepare some Christmas things too :-). I'll take a look at your blog later. I'm curious :-).

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