Make your own cards #4: Pop up cards

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  1. Lisa says:

    How nice!!!!
    I would really like to get the patterns. But unfortunately I can't find it...

    • Els says:

      On my Pinterest account nobodyelsenl there is a folder called pop up cards. It contains the links to the patterns that I also found on Pinterest :-).

  2. Rowan says:

    What beautiful cards! You really did a great job!

  3. Wow and not that difficult at all. I would like to try it too.

  4. Joycerdt says:

    Very beautiful, really great! I once received such a pop-up card from Vietnam, it was also very nicely put together! Love.x

  5. daenelia says:

    Nice right? I still have a book about it somewhere. Of course I haven't had enough time for crafts lately, but maybe after clicking 'post comment' I should finally edit that last cardboard letter with paper and glue 🙂
    Who knows. After all, it's a day off today.

  6. this is really great…
    I'm really too impatient for this...

  7. Well done! The last one with the carriage is our favorite!

  8. irisgraaf says:

    What a nice idea, something different from a normal card! I especially think the one with 'I love you' is very cute.

  9. Marushi says:

    This is really well done! Really nice! -X-

  10. DinjaDONUT says:

    Seems difficult to make, but they turned out really nice! The one with the heart is nice and the one with the carriage and horses also looks nice 🙂

  11. twinkelbella says:

    I really think this is so clever and it looks so nice too!!

  12. Dad says:

    Look nice. Going to make something like this for my daughter

  13. Oh wow. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I'm saving it for a craft activity with the kids at work. Really great fun!

  14. Karlien says:

    Wow very cool, so cool! I'm going to try this too 🙂

  15. Very nicely made. I think that carriage is particularly beautiful and I love you is also very pretty. Nice pop-up card!

  16. Really beautifully made! They are really gifts for the recipient

  17. jeapiebel says:

    Really like this. One is easier than the other. I was also bothered by a pop-up Valentine's Day card made with my son for his girlfriend. But they are 9 years old. You are really creative.

  18. Anita | Mindjoy says:

    I also saw them passing by, nicely done! Especially the carriage indeed

  19. M.Th. says:

    They are works of art, Els.?

  20. dirk1heidi says:

    How nice that is, it looks really nice for sending

  21. Morgaine says:

    How beautiful they turned out, and I personally have a love-hate relationship with pop up cards, they are indeed often very beautiful, nice or sweet, lots to see, but it is more difficult to hang them, so you just have to have room for them to put them down. , hahaha that's it 😉


  22. Connie says:

    Wow, those are beautiful. What a job!!! Maybe I'll try making them sometime.

  23. So beautiful! I really love this!

  24. Wow, I especially love the one of the carriage!

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