Making cards: Christmas cards Hand lettering with transfer foil

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  1. Roos says:

    Hi Els,
    Thank you for the clear video and explanation about the use of the foil and this design. I would like to make our own wedding cards, so I will definitely try your techniques! I'm curious where you buy paper and how you judge whether this is the right paper, namely thick enough, but it must be able to pass through the printer and then there is a difference in different types. I find this difficult to judge online and there is no paper shop nearby. I also wonder how you would approach the following: a frame and names in the middle with foil, but also some printed text without foil. Then first print, with foil and then print again which does not get foil?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

  2. M.Th. says:

    SUPER, Els, hats off!

  3. Yova says:

    Wow you make beautiful Christmas cards. What are you good at? It's good tips from you how it works. Good looking!! Nice week. ?

  4. Bernardine says:

    They turned out great!

    I also have a question: how do you get that nice logo in your photos? ?

  5. Michelle says:

    How beautiful! And what a clear, clear explanation.

  6. Simone says:

    How beautiful! I think I'll skip making cards for Christmas this year. Too busy with other things 🙂

  7. Morgaine says:

    For many years I thought, in the past, I was going to make them myself, but no, I still don't send, still thanks to the stamps, but as soon as I can again? Then certainly yes! You make your cards more beautiful every time, it is clear to see, dear, that practice makes perfect!


  8. They turned out beautifully, very chic?

  9. Romy says:

    Wow, what an incredibly beautiful card! It's wonderful how you made such an attractive card with so little material! I think the tree is really cool anyway, but especially because of the gold letters!

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