Review: Action Bullet journal vs Leuchtturm1917

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  1. Natascha says:

    I've been doing a bit of digging tonight too. And I also thought, “You don't specifically need a bullet journal for that, do you? But I don't know whether there are thick books with blank paper again. I don't want to work in a thin notebook. It's so full for me. But I still read some problems about those journals. At Bol, books costing € 13.00 fare very poorly.

  2. Korina says:

    What a nice comparison. I am looking for a good bullet journal myself and would like to start with the action one because yes...maybe I don't like it at all.
    Unfortunately I can't find it at the Action's in my area. The employees don't even know what it is. ?

  3. Saskia says:

    Where did you buy the action one? I can't find it anywhere at action stores nearby!
    (I live in Beemster)

  4. Myriam says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm also surprised that the Bullet Journal from Action has such good quality for such a low price. Makes me hesitate to start it too... 🙂

  5. DinjaDONUT says:

    That still looks pretty good for the Action! And it is quite strange that with your expensive Leuchtturm1917 there is some bleed-through and ghosting and that it hardly occurs with the Action. You would expect something expensive to be of better quality 😮

  6. Juliët says:

    It's a bit strange that you say: "Have you always wanted to start a bullet journal, but you hesitated because of the high purchase price?" Because it can also be done in a notebook. It can be done in any booklet, because it is a system. But otherwise a nice review! Very handy too!

  7. Sanne says:

    I really like the softcover look better. Haven't come across them yet. Urgently go to the action again. 😉

  8. Jotje says:

    I'm curious where they already have these in the Action. Here I always get really strange looks when I ask about it. They've never heard of it...

  9. My Little Happiness says:

    Still not found in action for me unfortunately. Quality looks great!

  10. M.Th. says:

    Coincidentally saw those expensive copies at the bookstore last week. What high prices for a bundle of empty sheets of paper, I thought. It's nice that you can buy cheap ones at Action and they are also made of better quality paper.

  11. Michelle says:

    wow I didn't expect the quality of the Action Bullet Journal to be so good, great!

  12. Haha, I also just happened to buy a Leuchtturm... I'm a huge beginner, but I wanted to get it right right away. I thought. But it would have been better to wait a week 😉

  13. Sophie says:

    Haha just bought an expensive sparrow!!!! Super stupid of course, but yes, the sparrow is nice too

  14. Kootje says:

    Very nice!

  15. Simone says:

    What a positive review! I am also surprised by your impression of Action's bullet journal. I was almost going to buy it, but I have no use for it haha!

  16. Jantine says:

    Sounds good! I'm also going to check out Action for their bullet journal.

  17. Selina says:

    You have a nice blog 😉 I spotted you because you responded to mine. Thank you again for your response 🙂

  18. Yolanda says:

    Nice article! Certainly not pushing through is a big plus. What do you think of the pre-printed first pages of the action's bullet journal?

  19. Carolien says:

    I think it's really beautiful! Unfortunately, it is not available here or in the area. But a friend was able to score it and also brought one for me. So sweet! Personally, I also like the white pages better, and it's always nice that the paper is thick enough so that it doesn't bleed through too much.

  20. Romy says:

    How nice that you compared the two bullet journals! I happened to buy two bullet journals at Action yesterday and I absolutely love them. Good to hear that the quality sounds surprisingly good!

  21. Anita says:

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to score them yet.

  22. How nice that you have a review so quickly. I'm not into bullet journals, but I am still very curious. So I really liked this!

  23. I am so happy with your review! Now I'm sure I want some. Just have to wait until they are delivered here in the region haha

  24. I'm also really surprised that the one from Action is actually better than the Leichtturm1917! Especially that pushing and goshing is very annoying and also happens with my Moleskine dotted. I will continue to use that one, but after that I want to try the Action one. Thanks for the test and the tip!!

  25. Connie says:

    Wow, what a surprise that Action also has this...and for that money! Worth trying!
    Thanks for the tip and I will definitely try it and practice...

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