Review: Action Gift Boxes Decotime

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  1. twinkelbella says:

    I really have a soft spot for this kind of stuff haha, it looks so nice. It's a pity that it is too thin, can thick paper be stuck behind it or is this difficult?

  2. Yolanda says:

    Very nice boxes for a small price. 🙂

  3. Esmay says:

    Too bad about the thin paper. It's really not that useful with things like this. Fortunately, the result is more than just a success! 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    What beautiful boxes! Too bad about the thin paper, but we shouldn't expect that from the Action with these kinds of prices. Nevertheless, it is a very nice way to give money or a small gift.

  5. HosteSarah says:

    Too bad about the thin paper, but very nice boxes anyway. It's also nice that you've been working on it for a while... I always think it's nice to be able to be so creative 🙂

  6. Morgaine says:

    For those who read this first and think for a moment, you can first strengthen the cardboard with other paper or something, that is what I would try, making it double-sided, costs a little more, but if it becomes sturdier... and yes, what can you expect? For that price I think, sometimes good, sometimes nothing, hahahaha

    That's just like finding cheap beads at the blocker and most of them turn out to be bad, there isn't even a hole in the bead but are melted together, in short, I look at the project and then I decide, cheap or expensive 😉

    They turned out really cute! You can leave that up to you 😀


  7. Sheila @ says:

    This is useful to know. Very nice for children to receive. And of course for expectant/young parents.

  8. I like this! Very cute and I think the box itself is a gift.

  9. Sanne says:

    They do look super nice. I didn't know they sold that at Action. 🙂

  10. Connie says:

    A box like this is a gift in itself. Very cute and beautifully made.

  11. Super fun, I'll remember it too!

  12. Jenn says:

    What a nice result!

  13. Angèlique says:

    Too bad about the thin cardboard, if it had been a bit thicker it would indeed stay beautiful longer. But I really like them!

  14. Ah, I also thought that the cardboard was a bit too thin.

    But otherwise great boxes 🙂

  15. zazazoobeauty says:

    How nice!! Am I going to remember this?

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