Review: Studio Light Gorjuss Craft Set card making set

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  1. Jenn says:

    Too bad he was disappointing. I understand the disappointment, yes.

  2. kolibrie says:

    What beautiful cards they are.

  3. Heike Bos says:

    Hello Els.

    I also like your cards, but the cards are indeed a bit expensive, but you also learn from your experiences and that you share with us is certainly nice and thank you for it.

  4. Els says:

    You made the most of what was possible and made beautiful cards. We are sorry that you have to conclude that it did not turn out as you expected. A good review for those who have doubts.

  5. Trijn Petter says:

    Thank you for this review. I understand your disappointment.
    I think the cards I made are very beautiful.

  6. Connie. says:

    What a shame that this set caused you disappointments. For €2.00 per card you would expect more larger images! The cards turned out beautiful, but not the desired result ☹️. But luckily there are still many examples on your site that are a lot of fun to make👍🏻

  7. Germa Berkhof says:

    Nice that you also share these kinds of experiences. I also have Gorjuss stamps masking sheets, which I can combine nicely with my other frobel supplies. But if your son buys a set, you expect that you can make progress with it. Still, I really like the cards you made!

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