Shop log: Kruidvat Diana Leeflang collection, bullet journal and storage

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  1. caro says:

    I made one from a coaster (sushi mat type) that I found in the thrift store, very useful for my crochet pins because you can provide more or less space depending on the thickness of your pins, simply thread elastic between them and close with 2 nice hair elastics, but you can also attach a button and an elastic band to tie the button, I'm also going to make one for my pencils and paint brushes

  2. Connie says:

    I have seen the articles at Kruidvat. Still didn't buy it.? Look nice.

  3. M.Th. says:

    Handy, a roll-up case like that.

  4. Yova says:

    You bought some beautiful things. Pencil case is certainly useful. There are some good tips there.
    Beautiful things. The color is perfect too.

  5. Anita says:

    What cool stuff. I didn't notice at all that she had released a new collection.

  6. Romy says:

    I was already curious about this collection. I also have a few items from her previous two collections. Still, I have to say that I liked the previous collections a little more, although that washi tape is very tempting!

  7. Nice!! I bought the organizer last year and still use it. I also bought some stuff at the time, but it's always way too much fun haha. I wasn't sure whether to go this time or to skip it, but that travel case seems very handy

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