Shoplog: Action craft items, September 2017

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  1. hans says:

    Ah, nice purchases made. The action is a store where I can often be found.

  2. Berlinde says:

    It all looks nice! Feel like shopping for yourself now haha.

  3. Demi Vanlersberghe says:

    Hello, I also bought that paper pad with foil today, but I really don't know what to do with it? Am I really the only one now??

    • Els says:

      I'm going to use them as the background of my cards that I make :-). But you could also use it to cut gift tags?

  4. daenelia says:

    We now also have an Action in the area, a mega-action. But… I can't find anything to buy there. Just not my thing. I still have the feeling that if there are such low prices, someone else will suffer: not the supplier, but perhaps underpaid production workers. Or that it is of inferior quality. Or that it concerns dumping of items that would otherwise not sell. And it's such a mess... shoppers just throw everything back on the shelves and there aren't enough staff to keep the store tidy.
    …or I'm just a snob. 😛
    If I were to make a lot of crochet or knitting, I would also buy practice wool there.

    • Els says:

      You have to buy where you like :-). I like to buy at Action, I often think of more expensive things in other stores that are often made in China, but I just pay more ;-).

  5. dirk1heidi says:

    You bought some nice things again, girl.

  6. DinjaDONUT says:

    What nice creative gadgets 🙂
    I especially like those watercolor cards and canvas, I still want to do more with watercolor, but I just can't get around to it (unfortunately!).

  7. Saskia says:

    I was afraid for a moment when I saw Action that we were already talking about Christmas. Nice article, I always get a lot of ideas from your blogs 🙂

  8. Ellen says:

    Action always has the nicest stuff! I also recently bought all kinds of craft supplies!

  9. Martine says:

    I bought paint and fabric paint. If you mix these two you can color textiles. Always fun to try.


    yes, you have nice things from Action, I always have to restrain myself with those nice articles, I have so many hobby supplies and yet I can't resist, and honestly, I have also become a crochet fanatic.

  11. Jenn says:

    What nice purchases! I have done origami before, and it is really less difficult than it looks 🙂

  12. Sheila says:

    Yesterday I scored super nice stamps for less than €1 each/set. Very happy with it. But I still try to remain critical when I am in Action. Whether I really need everything, so to speak.

  13. M.Th. says:

    Looking forward to what you will make with it.

  14. Morgaine says:

    Cat biscuits and soap… shower gel, hahaha I try to walk past the crochet and hobby yarn and not see it 😉

    Hand lettering by the way... I didn't see it here, I asked, never had them in here, she was looking at me, had never even heard of it... well!


  15. Very nice!! I'm going to get those Disney sheets too

    • Els says:

      Yes, they are nice! I couldn't leave them behind, even though I really have enough paper blocks ;-).

  16. MarjonS says:

    You can craft again! I haven't bought any craft supplies in a while. Decided to use up the old one first (for how long will that work)

    • Els says:

      That's what I always tell myself... but I still want new things for my blog. Use that as an excuse ;-).

  17. Romy says:

    What really nice stuff you bought! I was at Action on Friday and I was there with some of this stuff in my hands. I was especially unsure about the watercolor cards. They are so much fun, but I'm afraid I don't do enough with them. That's why I left them for now. I did, however, take with me a number of velvet butterflies from Action. I really liked that one too.

    • Els says:

      Yes, I understand about the watercolor cards, but I still brought them with me :-)! Butterflies are always fun!

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