Shoplog: Christmas

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  1. Michelle says:

    ohh what beautiful purchases! Seeing this makes me really excited for Christmas again!

  2. Heidi says:

    You've made some nice purchases again...
    I'm especially curious about what kind of Washi tape they have for Christmas...

  3. Yova says:

    eR can buy nice things from there. You bought some beautiful things. You will certainly make it beautiful. I'm curious about it. Have a nice Sunday.

  4. Bernardine says:

    Those wooden snowdrops are nice!
    I also had to laugh at this post: search term for the washi tape, as if you would find it at Ali. And that your stamps from that nice girl are expensive. Yes for Ali, but not in real life! 😉
    I'm curious about your Christmas crafts

  5. Patricia says:

    Those wooden snowflakes! Nice item. Also shopping at Ali this week

  6. volgensanne says:

    Oooh nice! I'm curious to see what it actually looks like. Will you also throw that online?

  7. Connie says:

    The clear stamps are my favorite. The cutting dies are nice too. Will I start with Christmas cards one of these a summer temperature?

  8. Morgaine says:

    Look, that's how it should be, my mother once embroidered a number of Christmas cards and she was already embroidering in the month of July to have them all ready for Christmas, hahahaha That's how it should be, in the clothing industry they are already busy with I know from my own experience the next spring and summer collection, in short, you are exactly right, or you may even be late! 😉

    For the time being, you can get back to work, I'm curious to see what you will make of it!


  9. M.Th. says:

    I patiently await the results of your work with these purchases. M curious.

  10. Romy says:

    You really bought nice things! I especially like those dies. I bought a few blocks with die-cuts from Action last week for Christmas cards. Also completely happy with it 🙂

  11. Geke says:

    What nice things you bought again! I'm curious to see what beautiful things you will make with it!

  12. I haven't bought anything for Christmas yet, but I am considering buying a box die to easily make small gift boxes yourself. And possibly the die-cutting template of an envelope. They are already on my wishlist, now I just have to order them haha

  13. MarjonS says:

    Nice all those purchases. I haven't bought anything from Ali before Christmas, but I do shop there regularly.

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