Shop log and tips: Craft supplies various stores

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  1. M.Th. says:

    Unbelievably low prices for the things you "scored". I'm curious about the creations you will make with it.

  2. Jenn says:

    What nice purchases!

  3. I just love the cover of that Action book! I would buy it for that reason alone!

  4. dirk1heidi says:

    You've made some nice purchases again

  5. DinjaDONUT says:

    Ohhh those paper blocks look beautiful!
    Your shopping log immediately gives me the itch to make crafts 🙂 I think I'm going to start drawing soon...

  6. Charel says:

    All these things make me so happy haha!

  7. Ahh yes you can find so many nice things on Aliexpress! I haven't been very creative lately because I can't concentrate. But someday I will start again

  8. Lief meisje says:

    I have also been looking for the books at the action. But nothing at all, not even an empty shelf. So I hope they still come in. Probably not.

  9. Yolanda says:

    What nice things you bought! I really like the buttons. The online store Opitec is also fun to shop at. They also have lots of craft supplies. Maybe a tip?

  10. What nice things to say! I have been looking for that hand lettering book for a few days now, but unfortunately I missed it 🙁 I also want the other variant of illustrations 🙂 hahaha.

  11. Nesrin says:

    You bought some nice things, I'm curious what kind of sponges you will make.

  12. Myriam says:

    What a nice item you bought again. Those 'handmade with love' buttons are nice!

  13. Nice! I also buy a lot at Action, Big Bazar, Xenos and Hema. And sometimes I find something in thrift stores.

  14. Nice things, I actually want to go straight to the Action now ;-P A shopping center near us has an Action, Xenos and So-Low, unfortunately the Pipoos has disappeared. So quite dangerous 😉

  15. Morgaine says:

    Ooh, crochet those sponges if you want to use them in the bathroom, I would first check the washing instructions to see if that is possible... it would be a shame if you crochet them and then lose them after a few washes. That kind of thing is usually done with 100% cotton because you can actually wash it on the boiling wash 😉

    It's nice weather that you've been shopping, I'm lying still for a while, it's time again and especially walking and cycling time or going out time with camera 😉


  16. Madeleine says:

    What nice things you have scored! Ohhh that drawing book from Action is nice! I would like that hand lettering book and a drawing book like that now 😉

  17. Romy says:

    Oh that hand lettering book is nice! I'm going to Action today and think I'll pick up a copy there too 🙂

  18. MarjonS says:

    The Xenia stamp is nice and was an inexpensive purchase.
    I've seen some nice craft things at Alie's, but haven't bought them yet.

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