Shoplog: Ready to go cycling!

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  1. Oh that bell is fantastic!! What nice stuff.

  2. Florentine says:

    Awesome!! I would also like that bell for my bike! Love 😉

  3. Northflix says:

    Nice article! I really like cycling, also for practical reasons.
    I live near the center, so taking the car, paying for parking, etc. takes me more time than cycling.
    And cycling is just fun when the sun is shining!
    Well, now I'm going to check out the rest of your articles and I'm sure you'll see some great photos! 🙂

  4. Lieke says:

    What nice things for your bike.
    I would also like to cycle to work!

  5. Daenelia says:

    I don't have a bike 🙂 I'm thinking about a cargo bike, and not one of those mommy cargo bikes, but a cool one. I like the slightly tough stuff. I don't think I would really decorate my cargo bike, but I always think it's funny when people do. I wonder how long something like this will last.

  6. Huisvlijt says:

    Hey, you have a bicycle basket just like I have! Nice. It is so handy because there is a space for the bicycle lamp. That's the reason I bought it.

    • Els says:

      Yes, this bicycle basket is super handy :-). So handy in fact that I moved it from my old bike to my new bike :-).

  7. Nathalie says:

    What nice products and you are certainly ready to cycle :D

  8. Ysanne says:

    What nice stuff, super cheerful!

  9. Saskia says:

    What incredibly fun and wonderful stuff! It makes me really happy, you can soon cycle to work in style!

  10. T A . says:

    I think you cycle to work every day in good spirits. Have fun with your bike, it looks nice.

  11. Miriam says:

    Imke has the bicycle bag. Just like a real lady 😉 Goes everywhere

  12. That's something to make you happy, such a cheerful bike 🙂

  13. Inge says:

    In Sweden my bike had a basket. I thought that was great, because then I didn't have to carry my backpack on my back (I can't handle that very well when there's a laptop in it). I don't have a basket on my granny bike here in the Netherlands, I miss it! That bell is too cheerful! 😀

  14. Angelique says:

    That will be a happy bike ride! Looks very nice

  15. writingmonique says:

    What cheerful bicycle details! That bicycle bag is very nice!

  16. Hilde says:

    What really nice bicycle accessories! 😀

  17. debby says:

    OH what a happy bike you have! I cycle a lot myself, and I'm ready for a new one.

  18. Sammie says:

    Oh you're going to cycle very hip! That bag is really nice too!

  19. Anita | Mindjoy says:

    Very cool bicycle bell! It's great that you can cycle to work again, unfortunately my work is half an hour away so cycling is definitely not an option 😉

  20. That bell and that bag! So funny!
    That will make cycling to work fun!

  21. Cindy says:

    I would also love to be able to cycle to work, ideal! Aren't you looking for colleagues? 😉

  22. Nice! Especially that bicycle bell... I cycle so little, as it is too far to work and not practical. Very unfortunate because I always enjoy cycling!

  23. Connie says:

    You are ready to go to work by bike. Everything looks colorful! Now through the winter to a beautiful spring. Then your things will look even more beautiful.

  24. Jos says:

    Hi Els, maybe you can get Roel to cycle to work together.
    Furthermore, your bike looks bright.
    Big hug for you,

  25. Morgaine says:

    hahahaha those flower garlands yes I see them everywhere, so I don't do it, I see my bike again sooner. As you know, I use my bike almost every day, even for errands. I think the bell is cool, but I have a good one on it. And I like to keep it. 😉

    Bought new bicycle bags this year and in light blue with flowers, it was much needed, and I'm still happy with it 😀

    I'll be cycling again soon, Wednesday is always a day to visit friends in a neighborhood away.


  26. Marion says:

    That bell!!! Too cute! I love cycling, but my illness often gets in the way. That's a shame, but hey, if it's possible, then it's really a party!

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