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  1. Morgaine says:

    My daughter still has Wreck This Journal lying around, and she doesn't do anything with it anymore, I asked recently, I don't know if she has it full now, but I think she wants to start over, but this also sounds very nice, she is birthday in May ssssssssss 😉


  2. daenelia says:

    I think I get it, but if I want to make a world at all, I do it, for example, by playing Dungeons & Dragons, or like we made our world in Steamhawke, with other writers. I don't think a pre-programmed booklet would work that way for me. Phrases like 'think of your favorite film and base your ideas on that' limit me, I think.
    But! If you've never done world-building before, this might be a nice starter!

  3. Michelle says:

    What a nice idea! I had never heard of it. I would love to read your ideas and inspiration soon.

  4. This book looks very nice and creative. I am very curious about your assignments!

  5. I have a number of books by Keri Smith, and this one is on my list…
    I wanted to take a closer look at it to see if it was really something.
    As a mega daydreamer, I must be able to do something with a book like that

  6. dirk1heidi says:

    Wow, I like it.

  7. I didn't know this book yet. I'll check it out in the bookstore to see if I like it.

  8. Jenn says:

    He seems very nice, I'll keep him in mind.

  9. Connie says:

    Good luck and have fun!!!!

  10. Oh, this looks quite nice!

  11. Marion says:

    That looks really nice. I have something similar here. This is me! I have no idea who that is, but I'll look for that book. I don't think I've done much with it yet. I'm curious how you will like this!

  12. Anita | Mindjoy says:

    I have Wreck This Journal and haven't done much with it yet. The concept is super fun, but I don't use it enough. There's a good chance I'll have that with another of her books as well. Have fun completing the assignments 🙂

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